The CAD & GIS lab at the University of Nairobi is now providing training of technologists and professionals from state and non-state agencies to meet the rapid demand for technology savvy workforce. With the rolling out of land information systems and the advent of geo-data sharing within state and non-state organizations, ICT has proven to be a critical tool in modern business and governance. If well understood and implemented it can enable the effective and efficient delivery of services and production of goods. In the corporate world it is indeed a means to an end, a tool to help achieve visions, missions and objectives.

University of Nairobi is partnering with leading software providers to offer high-end, hands-on training on top in the market ICT tools. The training is offered in flexible time ranging from in-house training, short induction courses/executive training, professional basic and advanced courses leading to award of certificate and diplomas.

Benefits of attending CAD & GIS Training

Gaining industry recognition for your skill set: By attending CAD and GIS Training, you set yourself apart and receive industrial recognition for your proven expertise with modern ICT tools. The awarding of Diploma at the end of the training is a validation that you have the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively meet the needs of the industry.
Improve your expertise in the latest software & technology: Technology is continually advancing on both software and hardware ends. By attending this training you are set ahead of the curve by earning certification on the most recent technology releases and software.This continuous professional development program has been formulated to help bridge the technology gap.
Gaining confidence and peer recognition: The training will help define you beyond a job describing or academic degree while gaining a sense of personal satisfaction.

The following modules are currently being offered:

1. IT for Data Processing and Management
2. GIS Level 1: Introduction to GIS, Mapping and Cartograpghy
3.  GIS Level 2: 3D mapping, Spatial modeling and Web GIS
4. CAD: 2D drafting and 3D modelling
5. Graphics  Design, Publishing and Media Sharing
Attached is the application form and brochure for your download